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Eligibility Risk Management

Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd, trading as Corporate Scorecard (CSC), is a specialist business unit focused on delivering a world-class, efficient and customer-centric operating model for the provision of builders warranty eligibility assessment services.

CSC operates as an agent on behalf of the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) providing eligibility risk management services.  CSC has an intimate understanding of the residential building and construction industry as well as the broader construction ecosystem.  The hbcf, established under the Home Building Act 1989, is a safety net to the Government’s consumer protection strategy for homeowners having residential building work undertaken in NSW. The hbcf exists to provide a safety net for homeowners in NSW faced with incomplete and defective building work carried out by licensed builders and contractors, for residential building work over $20,000.

The hbcf do this by carrying out a risk assessment of builders’ and contractors’ eligibility to obtain insurance cover. Certificates of Eligibility set out how much work a contractor can take on. Once a builder or contractor has eligibility, they can apply for a Certificate of Insurance for individual projects which they contract to do. Applicants looking to obtain HBCF eligibility must direct any application via an approved broker distributors, contact details for which can be obtained here.

Corporate Scorecard, is the Eligibility Risk Manager operating as an agent of icare hbcf to undertake eligibility risk assessments for hbcf insurance. It is a leading provider of credit ratings and counterparty risk assessment services in Australia. As a licensed Credit Rating Agency [AFSL#341391], Corporate Scorecard operates within a regulated industry to ensure the quality and integrity of the assessment process. Corporate Scorecard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax [NYSE: EFX], which is a leading global data and analytics company focused on continuous, customer-centric innovation. Equifax has a long history in providing credit risk management services, and leverages public and proprietary data, tools and technology to support a range of delivery models, providing efficient, scalable and reliable risk management services.