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Express Check - Product Enhancement

Date: November 2012

Users of our website may have noticed that the Express Check now appears in the Online Services window of the Main Menu.

The Express Check is a useful report for doing checking out potential risks relating to a company and its directors without delving into its financials. No contact is made with the subject. Compiled from current searches of various databases, it is delivered in less than a minute. The report will also provide complete incorporation details and list other companies associated with the directors.  It’s currently only available online for companies incorporated at ASIC.

To help you identify potential risk it is scored out of 10. Potential risk areas are flagged. The scoring algorithms analyse among other things:

A score of 3 or less may indicate that a financial assessment is required.

To order the report, click on Express Check and we suggest you enter the ABN first. If this brings up the name of a trust, the menu will ask you to enter the company name. Just follow the menu. If there is no associated company, you will not be able to complete the search.

If you have a large batch to process, you can send us the details in a spreadsheet and we will process them for you, also appending the key data to your spreadsheet. Sole-traders and business names are available through batch processing if address details are correctly provided.

You can view a sample report by logging in and clicking on Product/Samples.