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  • Now is the best time to schedule your Annual Risk Reviews

    Date: November 2020

    The best time to schedule annual risk reviews on key suppliers and prequalified contractors has always been from November to January as this is when most financials are finalised, so the updates you get are based on fresh financial data.

  • Financial Viability Assessments - Suggested Wording for Contracts & Tenders.

    Date: November 2020

    Here is a suggestion for some wording to include in your tender documents or contracts in relation to financial assessments or reviews. This is designed to make it easier to get the information and to be able to act appropriately when required.

  • Work in Progress – Online System Enhancement

    Date: November 2020

    If you have used our online system to order any of our financial viability reports, you will have noticed that you can keep track of its progress through the Work in Progress window on the main menu page.

  • Express Check – Product Enhancement

    Date: November 2020

    Users of our website may have noticed that the Express Check now appears in the Online Services window of the Main Menu.