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About Corporate Scorecard

Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd trading as Corporate Scorecard (CSC) is a subsidiary of Equifax. Partnering with Corporate Scorecard means you will benefit from over 30 years experience of providing expertise in commercial, financial and risk advisory services. Specialising in financial viability assessments, credit ratings, and industry benchmarking, Corporate Scorecard has a core competency in undertaking assessments on entities being considered for procurement contracts, major infrastructure projects, grant applications and credit accounts. 

Incorporated in 1948, Corporate Scorecard has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane and representation in Canberra.  It has clients throughout Australia and overseas.  Over the past 24 years, CSC has been involved with countless Government infrastructure and strategic procurement projects. In the last 4 years it has significantly expanded its online delivery systems, capabilities and technology with a key focus on supporting procurement and credit decision-making.

Corporate Scorecard is the leading provider of Financial Viability Assessment services to all levels of Government and has the broadest possible product range to assess tender, procurement and contract risk.

Our strong management team is backed up by a unique team of chartered accountants and financial analysts who are committed to helping clients see the complete picture so they can make the right decision when it comes to eliminating risk

Why Corporate Scorecard? 

With the growing uncertainty around global economic conditions, organisations need to take extra precautions to safeguard themselves against risk. There’s a long, winding and potentially perilous road ahead, so more care than ever before is required in mapping out the potential impact of procurement & credit decisions and dealing with unknown entities. Procurement Managers would have all heard the war stories of project delays, legal costs, subcontractors not being paid, all due to contractors who have failed and suppliers who make commitments beyond their capacity. Credit managers all know how easy it is to accumulate bad debt. So to navigate smoothly through these hazardous times, effective risk management is critical to keeping you on track.

We are able to provide an extensive range of Services, extending from on-line ABN verification as well as ASIC and property searches to Credit Rating Reports and Forensic accounting services. We specialise in providing financial viability assessments for procurement, grants and credit decisions and we are the only mainstream provider of Australian Business information with an ASIC license to provide independent Credit Ratings. All services are either available online or can be ordered online and are supported by a leading edge transaction and order management platform. With 20 years experience and a proven track record, Corporate Scorecard provides significant benefits.