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Management Team

The management group oversees a dedicated team and covers a range of disciplines including:

Corporate Scorecard’s management team includes:

  • Brad Walters

    Brad Walters - Head of Product and Rating Services

    Brad is the Responsible Manager of the License, and leads a team of highly experienced professionals in the provision of corporate, financial and risk assessment services across a range of industry sectors including: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Construction, Property, Government, Services, Defence, Transport, Energy, Information Technology, Agribusiness and many others. Brad has advised Australia’s leading banking institutions, insurance organizations, large corporations and Government Departments on corporate strategy, corporate finance, corporate credit ratings, supply chain resilience and risk management.

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  • Samir Iqbal

    Samir Iqbal – Head of Client Solutions

    Samir leads a team of consultative specialists responsible for building customer relationships and delivering customised solutions to clients with very specific requirements in the area of commercial, financial and risk management services. In this client focused role, Samir specialises in delivering Financial Viability and Ratings solutions, supported by the wider suite of Equifax commercial risk solutions including entity verification, entity monitoring, company trading history, supplier relationship mapping and International credit data. With over 18 years experience in the financial services sector, Samir has been working with Corporate Scorecard since 2017. Previously he held the position of Vice President product management at HSBC Bank. Samir earned his MBA from the National University of Singapore and holds a Bachelors in Business Economics from the University of Tampa, USA.

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  • Carly Bray

    Carly Bray - Head of Solutions Delivery

    Carly leads the team responsible for managing incoming client requests and our resources to obtain important business information from third parties, undertake analysis of this data and prepare and return to our clients quality insights inline with our service delivery standards across the Financial Viability and Rating Services business, as well as our iCIRT team. Carly has 16 years' experience in this industry, having originally joined Australian Business Research (ABR) in 2006 before its acquisition by Veda and later Equifax. During her tenure with Equifax, Carly has held a number of roles with experience in operations, customer service, risk, security and compliance, and is passionate about providing excellent service to customers and developing our people. Carly works closely with the General Managers and Business Development Managers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our customers.

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  • Gavin Madson

    Gavin Madson - Chief Ratings Analyst

    With over 20 years experience in financial markets Gavin brings a wealth of experience to our Credit Ratings business. This experience has been gained across senior roles covering all facets of debt and credit markets including bond analysis, debt capital markets, strategic credit risk consulting and credit ratings. This experience includes a number of years with an international Credit Rating agency as lead analyst for Asia Pacific in the Oil and Gas sector and Australian lead across the Energy and Utilities sector. As a bond analyst, Gavin covered various sectors from Financial Institutions and Corporates through to high yield debt and hybrids. In addition to undergraduate studies in Accounting and Finance Gavin was admitted as a Chartered Accountant in 2000.

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  • Som Banerjee

    Som Banerjee - Head of Operations

    As the Head of Operations for Financial Viability & iCIRT at Equifax, Som oversees an accomplished team of financial experts, meticulously evaluating the economic robustness of various industry players and the credibility of builders and developers through the innovative iCIRT tool. His knowledge is expansive, encompassing operations, sales, customer service, HR, finance, IT, data analytics, and security, making him a holistic leader. Som's transformative leadership has impacted various global regions including Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Entrusted with P&L responsibilities for portfolios up to $90 million, Som has expertly navigated revenue enhancement, market proliferation, and margin growth, all while maintaining outstanding customer satisfaction and NPS scores. Motivated by a mission to steer operations towards strategic goals and unleash his team's untapped potential, Som remains steadfast in his dedication. His leadership at Equifax is not just about directing, but inspiring a vision and fostering growth.

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