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Our Services

Steering you in the right direction

We ensure that your decisions are based on hard data. Our wide range of quality products are delivered in timeframes you can rely on.

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  • Credit Ratings

    Credit Ratings are a critical forward-looking measure and provide invaluable intelligence

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  • Financial Viability Assessments

    For sound business decisions in tender, procurement and similar situations, you need to be aware of your counterparty’s financial viability and capacity.

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  • Supplier Risk & Integrity Analysis

    When you’re dealing with a large supply chain, you don’t want to be caught out with financially weak suppliers.

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  • Online Rating Tools

    Our online financial and risk diagnostic platform enables organisations to internally analyse financial statements to establish the risk of suppliers or entities subject to grants. .

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  • Project Risk

    Whether you’re starting a project or looking for funding, understanding and minimising financial risk is essential.

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  • Supply Market Research

    We provide expert market research to help you to understand the risks of any project or in selective tendering.

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  • Benchmarking

    Using evidence-based data and highly skilled investigators, our industry knowledge and benchmarking expertise sets us apart.

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  • Credit Reporting

    Corporate Scorecard offers a range of Services for Credit Management

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