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Early warning signs for a company in financial distress are easily detected through Corporate Scorecard’s Alert Service.

Taking proactive measures to minimise and avoid risk is not only as- tute but necessary in today’s economic climate. We can monitor your entire supply base to immediately alert you when there are indicators of a contractor’s potential failure.

Corporate Scorecard’s new Alert Service detects unusual changes to a supplier’s operations, including insolvency actions, changes in key corporate details, (e.g. Name, address, directors, judgements and payment defaults,) with the option to monitor changes to the Equifax Risk Score.

Your monitoring menu

Alert Service is designed to monitor:

Insolvency actions and petitions Implement risk mitigation strategies to avoid being impacted
Court judgements and payment defaults A leading indicator of business failure, giving you an early warning
Change of corporate details A change in trading name, shareholding or address can indicate a change of ownership or the need to review a contract
Change of directors Can be an indicator of an organisation in distress. Key personnel dependencies in smaller companies can also be monitored
Lodgement of financial statements The best time to review the financial position of key suppliers
Defaults An early indicator when monitoring a small number of suppliers, or businesses/sole traders
Change in Equifax Risk Score A leading indicator of potential financial distress when a company moves into a higher risk band

Key benefits

Alert Service offers your business many benefits, including:

Setting up your Alert Service

Step 1: Prepare your data in CSV or Excel format

Data should include:

For Companies:

For non-companies (e.g. registered businesses, sole traders, other associations) please also provide:

For best results on sole traders please also provide:

Step 2: Prioritise your accounts (high, medium or low) and choose an alert frequency for each

This is an optional step available for databases containing more than 1,000 records only.

Item Immediate (Daily) Weekly Digest
Liquidations or bankruptcy items
Insolvency actions and petitions
Court judgements and payment defaults
Change of Name
Change of shareholding
Change of address
Change of directors
Change of financials
Court actions Over $..............
Court actions Under $..............

Step 3: Choose how you want your accounts sorted

Step 4: Choose the alert format you require

Step 5: Identify the email address(es) you want alerts sent to