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Contract Number - PRN 27294 Department of Employment

This contract has piggy-back provisions for Federal Government.


Panel Supplier of Commercial Information Report Services. Delivery of accurate and high quality CIR Services to the Department of Employment that achieves the best value for money.

The Panel is a non-exclusive Panel, (which means that the Department may also purchase the Services through other procurement processes and other funding arrangements). However the Department will engage Panel Members wherever possible and will approach other organisations outside the Panel only where no Panel Member is capable or suitable to provide the required Services in that instance.

In addition, this Panel allows for cooperative procurement by other Commonwealth agencies and related entities. This means that other Commonwealth agencies and related entities can use this Panel if they require the Services. Although the Panel is also non-exclusive for the Commonwealth, using this Panel means that the agencies and related entities will not be required to conduct their own procurement process for the same Services, thereby making the Panel an attractive option for an agency to use.

Specification Detail:

As a best practice risk management strategy, the Commonwealth purchases commercial, trading and business information relating to individuals and organisations tenderering or contracted to provide goods or services to it or on its behalf.

The requirement is to deliver Services and provide information to enable the Commonwealth to efficiently and effectively:

Information to be supplied by Panel Members may include, but is not limited to: