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PQC Financial Assessments for Queensland Government Contracts

Corporate Scorecard is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to the Pre-Qualified Supplier Arrangement for the provision of Professional Services (Management, Finance, Procurement and Human Resources) by Contractors and Consultants to the Queensland Government. The relevant sub category is Financial Capacity Assessments. For administrative purposes the reference number allocated to this Standing Offer Arrangement is QGCPO 878-13.

Effective 4 January 2016 Corporate Scorecard has, (in addition to already offering its existing range of services), been providing assessments on the financial capacity of contractors under the whole-of-government Pre-Qualification (PQC) System. Our goal, as always, is to provide a dependable, cost-effective service with fast turnaround times and to utilise our data, technology and skill-sets to add significant value to our offerings.

For PQC assessments, we deliver two reports:

  1. The PQC report in the format proscribed by The PQC principal policy manager.
  2. An addendum report in which we review any additional risks or information that should be taken into consideration and validates the data provided by the tenderer. This includes adverse checks on each director and their associated companies. (This is not proscribed report, but we are offering aa a value-add and it has been endorsed by the PQC principal policy manager.)

We also provide an on-line service, so that you can order online, track the progress of the report and communicate with the analyst at any time. This time-stamps you enquiry and ensures prompt delivery timeframes are met.

There are two Report types:

If you are an existing user, you should find the Contractor PQC reports in report options on the main menu. If, not please contact us and we will organise access for you.

Email: AUCSCAdmin@equifax.com