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Work in Progress - Online System Enhancement

Date: November 2012

If you have used our online system to order any of our financial viability reports, you will have noticed that you can keep track of its progress through the Work in Progress window on the main menu page.

Click on Detailed Listing to view more information including the name of the analyst that it has been assigned to.
You can now use this facility to communicate directly with the analyst. Click on the Communicate button, type in your note and then press Save Note. Your message will be emailed directly to the analyst. After you have sent it, the message should also appear above the Add Note text-box, providing you with a history of your communication to the analyst. This can be very useful if you have some additional information that you want to pass on to the analyst, e.g. a purchase order number or if you want to check on the report’s progress.

You can also use this facility to attach files. You may have been passed some material, such a financial statement, since you placed the enquiry or information of interest to the analyst. Use the browse button to find the file and then press the Upload File button. However, beware that pressing the Upload File button will delete any unsent text in the Add Note text-box, so always send the note first.